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Believe it or not, there are rules that men have to follow when buttoning their suit. It might sound counter-intuitive, though, but why does something as simple as buttoning one’s suit have to be so complicated that it needs rules?

Reasons men have to follow the rules on buttoning suits

Even as though buttoning seems to be a straightforward activity, many men still don’t get it right. They forget to fasten the one or two buttons. They may fasten all buttons to the point that their belly is already bloating. Men even miss out buttons in between, resulting in a slapdash look. In social events, all of these mistakes can cause embarrassments that you will never forget.

On the other hand, buttoning your suit properly shows how responsible you are as a person. The neatness of the buttons tells other people of your care for detail. The suit will have no creases. It also reveals your culture and upbringing. Those who grew up in families that wear suits often are likely to be so used to buttoning their suits that neatness is already second nature to them.

With a properly-buttoned suit, you’ll look more clean and fresh. There are buttoning techniques that potbellied men can use to maintain their freshness and avoid making their belly stick out too much. Button errors such as buttons popping out can further highlight the existence of one’s beer belly. Not only do you protect your appearance but your apparel as well. Wrinkling is avoided, and your suit can last longer.

The correct way to button your suit

If your suit is a single-breasted type, the proper way to fasten your buttons would depend on the number of buttons it contains.

1. Fastening suits with only one button

This is supposedly a no-brainer as there is only one button to be dealt with here, as there is only one hole on the suit jacket. Traditional eveningwear designs inspired these types of suits. Hence, they tend to dangle longer.

You have to button the suit to keep the symmetry. But when you put the button into the hole, you have to do it while standing. When you have to loosen the button, you have to sit down. Doing so prevents creases from forming on your suit.

2. Fastening suit jackets with two buttons

Even as this kind of suit has two buttons, you must know that you don’t fasten the lower button. Fastening both buttons would cause your abdomen to appear popping up. The suit would fit tightly around your hips, contributing to this undesirable visual effect. You will also look silly as if you don’t know that the lower button should be left undone.

However, don’t forget to fasten the top button either! Just like how you fasten a single-button suit, you need to stand up while doing it to prevent creases. If you have to unbutton your suit, sit down. Stand up from your seat if you have to fasten it again.

3. Fastening suit jackets with three or more buttons

As with the suit with two buttons, you don’t fasten the bottom-most button. However, the middle button(s) would need to be buttoned. Again, you have to stand up when fastening the buttons to prevent creases from forming on your suit. If you have a relatively flat abdomen, you can close the topmost button of your suit, otherwise, leave it as it is to prevent your belly from popping out the buttons too much. Undo the buttons only when you are seated.

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