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A well-made off-the-rack suit is a good piece of clothing, we don’t deny this fact, but when it comes to the very best suit, it has to be tailor-made. This will ensure that the suit has the best cut and style possible, and it’s the only way to guarantee the best fit possible. What’s more is that a tailor shop will often have an aftercare service, either for free or for a discounted price. By regularly doing the necessary maintenance work on your suits, you can be sure that the tailored suit you purchased will look as new and fresh for as long as possible.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve compiled a short guide for you to follow when buying a bespoke suit. You’re guaranteed to have the best suit without breaking your bank as long as you follow these 7 rules.

Set a budget
The very first thing you need to keep in mind is your budget, as that will be the deciding factor for what suits features you can keep. It will also tell you what type of cuts or styles you can go for, as some styles of suits cost more than the other. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great tailored suit with a lower budget, it simply means that you have to be more selective about what you choose to include in your suits.

Simplicity is key

When you’re buying a tailored suit, especially if it’s your first one, you should go with the most flexible and simple choices. Stick to the fundamentals like the navy wool suit or a charcoal grey one, as these more basic choices can fit with just about any occasion and formality outside of black-tie events.

Opt for a flattering fit
Each person’s body is different, and you need a suit that reflects your best features while hiding your bodily flaws. For someone who’s lean and tall, a slim fit will probably be the best way to go as long as it doesn’t restrict your mobility. For those with slightly wider builds, you might need to give your self some room in the torso area. This is something that your tailor can do for you very easily as long as you tell them your preferences.

Choose fabric wisely

You will need to choose a fabric that’s the best fit for your intended use. If you need a suit specifically for a winter event, you might want a thicker wool or flannel to help keep you warm. For a summer suit, you want a fabric that’s porous in nature so you can stay cool in the sun.

Select your buttons
A two-buttoned jacket is easy to pull off, as there’s no complicated rule for you to follow. On the other hand, a single-buttoned jacket is reserved exclusively for a more formal event. The three-button style is perceived to be somewhat old-fashioned, but it’s a great choice for taller men.

Pick your type of lapel
There are 3 types of lapels: the notch, the peak, and the slim lapels. The notch is the most common type of lapels, and they are quite easy to pull off. Peak lapels will give you a sharper look, while the slim lapels are great for a more modern look.

Keep your shoulders in mind
Thick-padded shoulders are perceived as a professional style of suit, and it’s usually what executives wear to major board meetings. The lightly padded or non-padded shoulders are typically perceived as a more casual style of suit, and it’s also great for keeping you cool during the summer.

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