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Peace of mind when ordering custom made clothing

We want you to have peace of mind when ordering custom made clothing from Lord's Tailoring service. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions from why to choose us through to taxes or duties with customs. We want you to have a great experience with us, and hope this helps.

Dress Shirts/Suits and Lord's Tailor

We could come with many arguments to try to convince you, like that we offer several different possible shirt/suits designs, monograms, hand embroidered of your full-name inside the jacket, functional buttonholes on sleeves of the jacket, delivery option, quality fabrics and workmanship, and so on, but we really only need to say one thing. We care about what we do and what our customers get.

Absolutely. You can email us at for suggestion or send us what you wish to have to get our feedback and tips. Please note that we are neutral to fashion and approach design from an aesthetic point of view. We think you should, at the most, only take our tips into consideration, but decide for yourself. It is, after all, your Hand tailored clothing.

Absolutely. We keep all the details of your previous design.

Of course! In the measurement section please measure the desired sleeve length, and mention it in the remark section at the end of the measurement procedure

Only while you visit us in Bangkok. As women clothing needs more specific measurement to have the right fit which we can provide our team who are specialized for it available in store only. Otherwise; we could offer to replicate your clothes which fits your well by having you send us a sample of it. Kindly email us for further enquiry.

Yes. Currently we are still doing this the old fashioned way. Please email tailor@ if you are interested in purchasing gift certificates.

Measurements and Fitting

After you design your own suits/shirt, you can provide measurements taken from your body, provide measurements taken from your shirt, or choose a standard size. We recommend that you take your own measurements because you only have to do it once. Your measurements will be saved in our system so you can have all your future clothes designs tailored to exactly fit you using just a few clicks. If you wish to change you're your measurement you could always email us and we shall update your information. However, if you really can't be bothered to take your own measurements, then simply choose a standard size.

If you choose to provide us with your body measurements, we take various factors into account when making clothes. We combine a traditional system long used by tailors from all over the world with a modern scientific system that has been thoroughly tested when we calculate how to make your clothes.

Yes. You can send us your best fitting clothes for us to replicate them, even if you wish to have any change in their size or style you can let us know and we shall follow the requirements.

Once you have purchased from our website or in personal, we keep your measurement in our database for decades.

Fabrics and Washing

We have lower prices for fabrics that are of good quality and higher prices for fabrics that are of great quality. If you go to Design My Shirt, you will start designing your dress shirt. In that process, the fabrics tab will allow you to browse the various fabrics. When you choose a fabric, there will be a description of its characteristics and application. If you make a comparison, the fabrics vary in many ways, some of which are weaving, thickness, and pattern.

When our dress shirts are washed, there will only be very little shrinkage. We take this, and various other factors, into account when making your dress shirts according to the measurements you have specified, so don't worry; most importantly before cutting the fabrics, we pre shrink them to avoid this issue.

Your dress shirts will have washing labels on them, so please follow the instructions to ensure that you provide the best care possible. We stand by the quality of our materials and workmanship when our products are treated with care and used in a manner for which they are made.

Payment and Order

Very simple. After you have designed your dress shirt and provided the measurements to which you want it produced, you can put it in your shopping cart. When viewing your shopping cart, simply click checkout please to enter delivery address. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one before proceeding to entering your delivery address. After entering delivery address, simply follow the on-screen instructions for paying with your credit card/Paypal. You find all the information you need on your credit card.

Very simple. After you have designed your dress shirt and provided the measurements to which you want it produced, you can put it in your shopping cart. When viewing your shopping cart, you can define the quantity that you want for the design in your shopping cart. You can also create more dress shirt designs, put them into the shopping cart, and define their quantities. When you are finished happily filling your shopping cart with for example Design A (Quantity: 2) and Design B (Quantity: 1), you simply click checkout please to proceed with an order consisting of multiple dress shirts. If you want your shirts shipped with express delivery, we recommend you to place several dress shirts in the same order. The express delivery fee is fixed, regardless of your order size.

As long as your dress shirt is not in production, you can change or cancel your order. You can see the status on your order if you go to My Account. To change or cancel your order, please email our customer support at tailor@

For goods that are not customized according to the wishes of the customer, you have the right to return or exchange the product at your own expense within a certain number of days. For goods that are manufactured to the specifications of the customer, you cannot return or exchange the product.

Countries and Delivery

Currently, we only deliver to selected countries within North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific as certain destinations cannot be reached within a reasonable time frame at acceptable costs by our international shipping couriers. We are continuously working on new agreements to expand the list of countries that we delivery to. For the list of countries that we deliver to, please go to Shipping.

The delivery fee depends only on how quickly you want your products and not the amount of items you order, it is a fixed flat rate fee. Standard Delivery is free of charge and Express Delivery is USD 40 for nearly all countries. For more details, please email us at tailor@

The delivery time for Standard Delivery is 15-25 working days and the delivery time for Express Delivery is 9 working days. These delivery times include product manufacturing, but not order processing. You can order on weekends as well as holidays, but keep in mind that the order will only begin to be processed on the following working day.

Taxes and Duties

There is an exemption quota in most countries that allows some merchandise, depending on the value of the package, to be received free from taxes and duties. The exemption quota varies from country to country. For countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, packages are received free of taxes and duties when the value does not exceed USD 60. For other countries, please check with your local customs office. The customer is always responsible for any possible taxes and duties. However, if you have purchased clothes from us during our sales trip overseas, the prices quoted coveres duties and taxes.

If your package should, for whichever reason, not be exempted from customs, then there is a chance that the local authorities will ask for handling fees to process the paperwork for clearing customs. For procedures on this, please check with your local customs office. The customer is always responsible for any possible taxes and duties, only while purchasing during our sales trip, are these expenses completely covered.

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