How it works

Measure yourself (or with a friend) in minutes, create a size profile and continue to customising your garments. Your clothing will be delivered in less than 4 weeks.

1. Browse Clothing

Browse, filter and choose a clothing item from our ranges of shirts, suits, overcoats, jackets and trousers.

2. Creating a Size Profile

We have put together a feature to help you measure yourself and create a size profile. From here we will apply this profile to your online or in-store clothing orders.

3. Customising clothing

Once logged in and your measurement profile is loaded you will see all available styles and options to customise suits, shirts, jackets, overcoats and trousers the way you prefer. Your can also add monogram and inner lining fabric options too. Upon satisfaction of your choices, simply select the quantity (if more than x1 item) and add the item to cart.

3. Checking out and payment

Assuming you have logged in the checkout area will already be populated with your name, shipping address and contact information. We have provided a secure payment gateway for easy, track-able and refundable payments should the latter be necessary in rare cases.

Create custom a size profile!

Create a custom size profile!

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10.30am - 8.30pm

We accept the following payment methods:

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