Bespoke orders

In person at our showroom and via this website through the customiser

The process

If you are ordering online


1. Registering accounts

If we know you already we will have created an account for your that includes your measurements based on the last time we saw you. You will have received a username and password to your email which you will use to login, this will load your measurement profile.


2. Customising clothing

Once logged in and your measurement profile is loaded you will see all available styles and options to customise suits, shirts, jackets, overcoats and trousers the way you prefer. Your can also add monogram and inner lining fabric options too. Upon satisfaction of your choices, simply select the quantity (if more than x1 item) and add the item to cart.


3. Checking out and payment

Assuming you have logged in the checkout area will already be populated with your name, shipping address and contact information. We have provided a secure payment gateway for easy, track-able and refundable payments should the latter be necessary in rare cases.


4. Order confirmation

Upon successful order, you will receive a detailed breakdown of your order in an email. We will also receive a comprehensive breakdown of your order details too. From here we will start tailoring your clothing ready for dispatch to your shipping address.

If you are ordering personally in store


1) Start off by choosing the appropriate fabric for what you are looking to purchase with over 5000 fabric choices that we stock in store. We will show and recommend to you some of the latest collections that are currently in trend and also give you professional pointers but the final selection is completely up to your discretion. Once the fabrics have been chosen and styles, designs and specifications have been discussed, we will then take your first basic measurements. The process for the day is now complete and we will then reschedule to meet with you the next day or whenever is convenient for you for the second fitting.


2) Once you are back for your second fitting this is when the structure of the suit is ready to be constructed on your body. This is known as the Basting stage. Our master tailor builds the jacket on your body to ensure the perfect fit and feel. If you order shirts and trousers, by this fitting one complete prototype of your shirts and trousers will be ready for you try on. The reason that one of each garment is completed first is that after a fitting, we use those garments produced as a sample for the remainder that are to be hand-crafted for you. Thus if there are any slight alterations on the garments they will be noted and then altered, and the rest produced using the altered sizes. This process speeds up the delivery time. The process for the day is now complete; we will then schedule a pick up date with you when your order will be complete for you to be picked up. You can also have the order delivered to your hotel/home free of charge if it is not convenient for you to visit us again.


3) The final step in this process is the final fitting and collection. This is when your full order is complete and ready for you to pick up. You come in and try on everything to your liking and desire. If there are any alterations that you feel need to be done, we will have the garments altered for you and then delivered to your hotel or residence in Bangkok either on the same day or the following day depending on your schedule and convenience. Once and only if you are fully satisfied will we package the whole order according to your requirements and hand over your hand crafted bespoke garments to you!


At Gulati Bespoke Tailors we believe that "Customer is King" and until you and us are fully satisfied with our work we will not hand the garments over to you. Until then it is our job to satisfy and provide you with perfect bespoke garments.