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All You Need to Know About Getting a Bespoke Suit in Bangkok, Thailand


Aside from looking good and gaining confidence, those who dress well at work increases their chances of getting promoted

Here are ten tips that will boost your appearance beyond finding the right suit.


1 Mind your necktie length

Wearing a necktie that is either too short or too long is one of the common fashion faux pas when wearing a suit. Choose a tie that stretches until the top of your belt only. Anything longer or shorter will backfire from your appearance.


2 Remove static cling with a dryer

Static cling can attract dust to your suit, which makes it look unpleasant. You can prevent this from happening by rubbing a dryer sheet or a crumpled piece of aluminum foil onto the suit to neutralize the static energy.


3 Choose a necktie that is darker than your shirt

Select a necktie that has a darker shade than your shirt to create contrast and to make the tie stand out. Choosing a necktie that is lighter than the shirt will make people turn their attention to the shirt instead. Making your necktie pop out increases your visual appeal.


4 Have a handy lint roller

Suits are susceptible to lint and hair more than other garments. You can prevent wearing a messy outfit by having a lint roller in your pocket to remove the debris in seconds. Roll it on your suit, and the sticky surface will pick up any dirt that it touches.


5 Opt for a charcoal-colored suit

A black suit looks too formal, and its color often looks dead. Meanwhile, suits of other colors look too casual as well. Wear a charcoal-colored suit to strike a beautiful balance between casual and formal. Having a charcoal suit gives you an appropriate attire for almost all occasions.


6 Unfasten the bottom button

Regardless of the number of buttons in your suit jacket, always leave the bottom one unfastened to relieve stress on the lower part of the jacket. Aside from looking awkward, fastening the bottom button can rip the fabric, especially when you sit.


7 Use suits with thin pinstripes

If you want to go for pinstripes, choose suites with narrow lines instead of thick ones. Wide pinstripes look awkward because it distracts people who are looking at your suit. If you want to retain patterns in your outfit, you can go for oversized plaid patterns instead.


8 Remove minor wrinkles with a hairdryer

If you don’t have time to drop your suit off at a nearby dry cleaner, you can use a hairdryer to de-wrinkle your suit. The heat from the dryer smoothens out the small creases, but it may not be enough to flatten larger wrinkles. Placing a hot steam iron may work only if the label allows its use.


9 Wear matching socks and trousers

Wear black socks if you are wearing black trousers. Matching the colors of the two garments will make them blend and conceal your socks even if you accidentally lift your pants to show them.


10 Stay away from off-the-rack suits

Off-the-rack suits are standard sizes that leave no room for customization. It would be impossible to find an off-the-rack suit that perfectly suits your body, and that’s why it is better to have a bespoke suit made. Customized suits follow your body measurements to make it fit your shape better.

If you are looking for the best custom suits in Bangkok, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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