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Are Custom Tailored Trunk Show Clothes Worth It? – What to Know


Time is a luxury, and all people value it with high regard. If you want clothing that perfectly fits the contours of your body, custom-tailored clothes are the best way to go.

But, getting an appointment at your local tailor requires you to travel and set aside a portion of your time for fitting and consultation. Also, high-profile tailoring shops need more challenging methods and underhanded tactics to book an appointment.


So with all the hassle, is there something better than custom-tailored clothing? Yes. It is custom-tailored clothing right at the comforts of your home called Trunk Show Custom Tailoring. The trunk of fabric that tailors bring with them during your scheduled home-visit appointment inspired the term into realization.


Tailors can take your measurements to make custom clothing that complements your style, physique, and lifestyle. You will also get suggestions in finding the perfect fabrics and styles. Expert stylists harness years of experience to give you an article of well-tailored clothing that’s perfect in every way. They can also help you pick accessories to help complete the look. You see, it is nice to have a tailor on call who can be of help every step of the way.


How Does Trunk Show Custom-Tailoring Work?


Schedule a fitting and consultation online with your preferred time and location. As long as it’s within the scope of the business’s operation, the team can get to you. You’ll be notified if your request is confirmed, whether by call or email. On the scheduled day, stylists will take your body measurements then help you choose from the comprehensive range of fabric in their stockpile.


After you’ve finished conceptualizing your look, your chosen fabric, measurements, and fit preferences will be given to the company’s skilled artisans to make your garments from scratch. The whole process takes about four weeks.


Get Unique Pieces That Stand Out


The best part of custom-made clothing is that you get to wear an article of clothing that’s 100 percent unique—there’s nothing like it in the entire world. You can decide if you prefer the traditional route that’s classy and timeless, or you can go crazy with goofy designs or head-turning statements. The possibilities are endless, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that if you can dream it, they can make it.


Even so, make sure that your requests are also reasonable. Stylists and tailor artisans are also humans—they can’t do everything. If you’re thinking of wearing a T-shirt that is like the magic carpet in Aladdin, then I’m sorry, but that will have to remain as a dream.


Custom-Tailored Clothes Go the Extra Mile


The presence of a skilled stylist during your appointment assures you that everything will come out ideally. With an expert by your side, you can feed them your ideas or show them pictures for inspiration. These stylists can then conceptualize a rough draft of a combination of every detail that you want. If the sketch doesn’t turn out like the way you wanted, they can do quick revisions until you are satisfied.


Also, their services extend to the time your clothing is delivered. If you would like some alterations or further customizations, they are more than willing to assist you in your quest for the perfect final product.


If you’re looking for an affordable tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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