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Getting everything adjusted to a custom fit is the best thing you can do for your closet. The fit will make or break any look and a good tailor can help you upgrade your wardrobe. If a man is new to fashion, he may not already know of a good tailor or what to look for in one. This article shares advice on what to look for when finding a good tailor in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere else.

Personal Recommendations

If you know someone who is consistently stylish and always well-dressed, ask him which tailor he goes to. Odds are, this sharp-dressed man already has a number to give you. Another place you can ask is your dry cleaner; most of them will partner with tailors for repairs and referrals. Asking the retailer you bought the garment from or any other upscale menswear store should be able to recommend you as well.

The Right Fit

To find the tailor that is the right fit for you, search online or phone books and call around your town to see where you can go. Find out which one works best for your needs and wants.


Start by ruling out options that are obviously no-gos. Avoid seamstresses, bridal shops or formal dress outlets, of course. Check out online reviews and keep an eye out for more than one or two reasonable critiques from different customers. This may be a red flag.

Make Some Calls

Call your possible options and ask any questions you might have. Ask about a specific type of alteration or speak about your needs in depth, along with pricing. You will be able to get some insight on the tailor and his abilities as well as other information that will actually be useful for you. You will also get a gist of their communication and customer service skills and whether or not this is a person you can actually work with. After all, you will be dealing with this person for long periods of time and maybe often.

Guarantees and Damage Policies

You may feel like it is a little rude to ask about policies, but it is important to know what the place guarantees for customers and damaged work in paper, if possible. Sometimes alterations aren’t perfect the first time around and you want to be satisfied with the work done and not have to pay the flat rate each time. Accidents happen and you want to make sure the tailor is able to cover the costs of replacement

Turnaround Times

Get a time quote on your alteration. More professional tailors are in demand constantly, so expect their schedules to be a bit fuller. Basic minor adjustments can take around 3 days up to a week or two. For larger or more difficult repairs, it may take 2 to 3 months, if extreme. Make sure your tailor is not giving you constant pushbacks or delays with the set due date, as it can mean they are unreliable and you need to change stores.


This is actually a fairly minor consideration, and it shouldn’t be your primary motivation. Professional tailoring is an investment, and well worth it. But if the tailor is charging a significant amount higher than others around your city, it’s worth asking yourself if it’s justified. That said, finding a tailor who satisfies your needs and expectations is rare and well worth whatever money you put into it.

Lords Tailor is a custom tailoring solution based in Bangkok, get in touch today to see how we can help fit the perfect suit for you.


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