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5 Tips to Help You Purchase the Right Suit


Every man needs a suit. Whether you’re heading for a special occasion or attending a business meeting, a suit offers you unrivaled formality—sleek and bold, yet very sexy.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to find the right suit, let alone one that fits them. They look clunky, messy, and overall just distasteful. With that said, how do you make sure that you find the right suit that fits you perfectly? Here are some tips:

  1. Make Sure it Fits

One of the most obvious signs that you’ve bought the wrong suit is that it doesn’t fit. There are many ways to tell if a suit fits, but the easiest is to look at the shoulders. If the shoulders look as if you added some extra padding, you need a smaller suit. The ideal outfit would be one where the shoulders will wrap around you snuggly. When purchasing suits, always check in the mirror to make sure it fits correctly. If you’ve already bought one and the shoulders are too broad, you can still have it tailored to suit you.

  1. Shop Online

Sure, going to physical stores allows you to try one and see which suit fits you best. Unfortunately, finding that one suit that fits you perfectly may sometimes be a one in a million. If you already know your size and shape, shopping online is much quicker and easier. You’re given access to a database of hundreds of suits without having to take a single step.

  1. Buy a Full Set

Many stores allow you to purchase the jacket and trousers separately. This gives you more freedom in terms of selecting which pants you want along with which jacket you prefer. Although you can find a matching pair, it is very hard. In most cases, you’ll end up with two pieces that don’t match, which is not so visually appealing. To avoid this from happening, purchase a full set instead.

  1. Choose the Right Material

Each material comes with its characteristics and benefits. Cotton is one of the most popular choices of material. It is both comfortable and easy to clean, and it is almost always available for purchase.

Linen is the next best thing to cotton and is especially suitable for warmer climates because the material is airy. For cold weather, materials like wool can help retain body heat inside the suit and keep the cold air out.

With so many materials, which one do you choose? Simply take a look at the weather. If it’s hot, go with linen or cotton. If it is cold, go for wool or corduroy. Also, keep in mind that different suits will also be cleaned differently, so check the care label before washing your suit.

  1. Tailor-Make Your Suit

If all else fails and you have no idea what you should get, visit a tailor and have one made for yourself. With their expert knowledge, they’ll know what material to use and make sure that the suit will fit you perfectly. Plus, you save a lot of time hunting down an outfit by merely getting one custom-made for yourself.

In conclusion, the most crucial aspect when selecting the right suit is that it fits you. With that prioritized, you can later focus on the little details—materials, designs—to enhance your look and experience.

If you’re looking for an affordable tailor in Bangkok to make you a custom suit, get in touch with Lords Tailor today!


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