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7 Tips to Properly Wear a Suit Without a Tie – Our Guide

7 Tips to Properly Wear a Suit Without a Tie - Our Guide

A suit works best when the clothing items that make it up are worn together. You cannot wear a suit jacket with pants that did not come with it and without the appropriate dress shirt.

Likewise, the suit is incomplete without the tie because the lapels and collars of the dress shirt are frames that will perfectly hold the neckwear in place.

Wearing a tie with the suit adds a layer to your attire’s visual appeal and gives you an elevated sense of authority. Because of this, it is necessary that you wear a tie during formal events. Using a tie with sport coat during more casual business engagements give you a comfortable yet respectful look.

If you want to feel rebellious or portray yourself as an unconventional individual, you can ditch the tie and still look stylish in your suit. Donning a suit minus the tie is perfect for cocktail parties, art exhibit openings, and summer weddings. It also works during emergency meetings or fieldwork. Meanwhile, politicians get rid of the tie to make them look more approachable.

Pulling off the suit-without-tie get-up

Those who are particular with fashion may view the lack of tie as a stubborn omission or an attempt to feel more comfortable. However, you can correct this issue by making it look like a deliberate choice. Here are seven tips for a tie-less suit without sacrificing your fashion sense.

1. Go for a casual suit

Conservative, dark-colored suits are perfect for business engagements, and missing the tie makes you look incomplete. However, you can use suits with more vibrant colors when attending casual events to make the tie absence forgivable. Less structured casual suits also feature slimmer lapels and lighter fabrics options.

2. Use a less formal shirt

The absence of a tie brings people’s attention to your shirt. Using an Oxford, buttoned-down chambray or denim shirt makes the tie omission look like an intentional choice. Patterned fabrics can also make your outfit look more casual.

3. Pay attention to the collar

Collars can flop underneath your suit jacket to make it look sloppy. Therefore, don’t wear a shirt with collars that stretch if you are not using a tie. You can keep the collar’s vertical orientation by starching your shirt before ironing. Using collar stays or a button-down will help maintain the collar’s shape.

4. Undo two buttons

Since tieless suits are not buttoned-up looks, you must unbutton one or two buttons at the top of your shirt to exude a carefree attitude. Likewise, wearing a V-neck shirt is better than a crewneck because you can hide the former beneath the suit jacket. Undoing more than two buttons will lose the shirt’s purpose.

5. Add other accessories

Use accessories that can divert people’s attention away from the tie’s absence. You can use a fabulous timepiece or attach a lapel pin to have a conversation starter. A patterned pocket square works better than formal white as long as you use a puff fold to keep it tucked in.

6. Keep your shoes shining

Aside from wearing accessories, spiffy shoes can serve as a focal point away from the tie. People will pay attention to your shiny footwear and forget that you’re not wearing a tie. Using fancy shoes will attract more attention than your suit itself.

7. Find the perfect fit

A suit that hugs your body well is more important than missing a tie. You will get praise for a suit that properly fits instead of getting jeered for losing a tie. Wearing an ill-fitted suit is one of the worst fashion crimes you can commit.

You are lucky if you can find an off-the-rack suit that fits you perfectly. However, in most cases, a customized suit better fits the bill. Contact your trusted bespoke tailor for business or casual suits that stand out even without the tie.

If you are looking for a good tailor in Bangkok to make you a great suit that can be worn without a tie, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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