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How to Avoid Accidental Minimalism When Wearing Suits – Guide


Whether it’s for a wedding, an important meeting or a client pitch, the importance of looking professional is something that many men tend to struggle with.

In some cases, guys opt to put on a suit when going to the office but change things up to look confident and comfortable for another event, resulting in something called the accidental minimalist.


Being an accidental minimalist is best defined as the experience of going for a minimalist style to compensate for wearing a suit a few times a year but still aim to look ultra-modern and fashionable. Although nobody intends to look like an accidental minimalist, it still comes up as an honest mistake in an attempt to balance out daily outfits without looking overdressed. Most cases of accidental minimalism in outfits are simply attributed to the fact that many men don’t know how to dress up or put a suit better.


The good thing is accidental minimalism can be avoided with the right knowledge put into place without having to spend hours on matching ties and shirts or picking the right coat. Unbeknown to most people, putting on a suit almost every day and wearing it in style only involves having to lay out the groundwork for an outfit as best as possible.


Here’s a guide on avoiding accidental minimalism without having to look over-the-top when looking your best every day:


The Biggest Piece of the Puzzle: Your Suit


Most guys only have one suit that they can wear—and more often than not, it’s a standard navy or black single-breasted one. In an attempt to look daring but refined, many men opt for a navy suit but end up struggling with being able to choose the right colors to match the entire ensemble properly. On the other hand, the choice of a black suit often goes along the lines of “easy to match” or “simple but elegant.” However, it can be too harsh for most people that put it on.


If you’re looking to make a statement at your next black-tie event or formal occasion, invest in a single-breasted, two-button charcoal suit that pairs well with most shirt-and-tie combos. Fortunately, you can turn your suit’s appeal up a notch by having the charcoal suit tailor-made at a shop in Bangkok for the same price as a fast-fashion brand ensemble.


Pro tips: Opt to pay extra to have the suit fit as best as possible, keep the jacket itself minimal, and go for a pair of suit pants that have a flat front for a sleek look.


It’s All in the Details: The Shirt


The fashion principle dictates that a well-fitting, clean, and pressed white dress shirt will always go best with any suit. This time-honed piece of advice is never going to change. If you struggle with choosing a proper shirt-and-tie combo, then save your time and money by sticking to getting multiple crisp, white dress shirts.


Pro tip: Go for a custom-fit dress shirt to get the best fit possible while keeping everything sleek even if a venue makes it too hot to put a suit jacket on.


The One Item to Pull the Whole Look Together: Your Tie

For many guys, a black silk tie comes as a fixed option every time they put on a suit and dress up for more serious occasions. Should you find yourself unable to find your way around putting on a daring tie color, then stick to a black silk tie to keep your look crisp, clean, and sleek. For fairer-skinned and lighter-haired guys, however, it would be optimal to go for any shade of gray to soften up your look.


Pro tips: Keep the tie slim, as your choice of the tie will dictate the way your entire look goes. As an easy guide, keep things three inches wide at most.


Dressing sharp all the time no longer has to mean being susceptible to accidental minimalism, especially when it comes to only having a few suits in the closet. By following this simple guide to dressing better, you can look your best all the time without having to compensate by being an accidental minimalist!


If you’re looking to always dress sharp and avoid accidental minimalism, get in touch with the best custom tailor in Bangkok to see how we can help!


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