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What Your Suit Says About You


When it comes to selecting what suit you want to don on your body, you’ll need to be careful. The suits say something about you, and whether that’s something positive or negative will depend on what outfit you opt for.

If you’re trying to make the best first impression, then you’ll want to make sure you purchase the best suit possible.

Here are a few ways a suit can show people what kind of person you are:

What an Off-the-Rack Suit Says About You


When you purchase a mass-produced suit, it says a lot.

First thing first, it’ll tell everyone that you’re cheap. You didn’t want to put time and effort into having a good suit tailored, and you didn’t want to invest in looking good. To them, this means that your work ethic is the same. You only give the minimum effort on your tasks, and you don’t want to put effort into giving your best.

Second, it’ll tell others that you don’t appreciate quality. Mass-produced off-the-rack suits are pumped out like hotcakes. While they may look good at first glance, they’re nothing in terms of quality compared to tailor-made suits. Plus, they will never fit you perfectly, meaning that you may end up looking lanky or chunky, depending on the fit. This isn’t the best look when trying to achieve a good impression.

Finally, it’ll tell others just how much you can be trusted. We know that this is a long shot, but trust us on this. Who would you trust more to carry out a job? A guy wearing a cheap suit that’s baggy and untidy, or someone else walking up to you with a sleek and stylish suit, perfectly tailored to his body shape? If we were you, we’d trust the latter to not only complete the job but do it with quality.

What a Tailored Suit Speaks About You

A tailored suit will say just about as much or even more than a mass-produced suit does, albeit more positively!

First, it’ll tell people that you don’t mind investing in something expensive when it comes to looking your best. People will hear the suit speak out, calling out for respect for its wearer, and it’ll tell them that you’re trustworthy.

Second, a custom-tailored suit will tell everyone that you care about quality. The sleek and stylish look of a suit that fits your body perfectly tells everyone that you are a perfectionist and will settle for nothing less. It’ll tell everyone that your work ethic is the same, and that you put your best foot forward in accomplishing tasks and creating high-quality results.

Finally, a tailored suit will tell everyone that you respect the other individual. If you were to walk into an interview with the boss, he or she would appreciate that you put effort into looking good. That’s a big sign of respect, and the suit will talk its way into earning the boss’ favor.



To conclude, a tailored suit gets you one thing that is invaluable and rare—an excellent first impression. When the suit can tell others that you’re trustworthy, that you appreciate quality, and that you’re respectful, you, the wearer, get to reap the rewards of the praise, trust, and respect of others. That said, it is still vital that you wear the right suit to the right occasion, whether it’s custom-tailored or not. You don’t want to show up in a full tuxedo for a business meeting, but you want to do so when you’re at luxury events, especially those that occur in the evening.

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