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Being “the best you” means something different to everyone, as there are so many ways to improve yourself and become who you want to be.

From going to the gym to reading self-help books, modern living has made it possible to find even more aspects of yourself to improve. However, there’s one timeless method to really up the ante on your self-improvement: your wardrobe. While you could probably deny everything else that probably needs improvement, the thought of giving your daily outfit a much-needed revamp is definitely something that many can’t resist.

Although jeans, a button-down, and a nice pair of leather shoes may already be an upgrade from your current daily garb, nothing really ever beats the appeal of a tailored three-piece suit when dressing for work.

In spite of media outlets and tech entrepreneurs showing the world that office casual should really be a lot more casual with a loose shirt and a pair of sweatpants, modern tailoring remains as timeless as ever with even more people moving around every day in stylish outfits.

A pair of comfortable pants and a t-shirt when going to work or hanging out with friends might seem irresistible, but investing in sharper daily wear is definitely a decision you’ll never regret.

Up for taking on a much needed daily #OOTD change with the help of sleek tailored suits, stunning dress shirts, and impeccable coats?

Here’s a tip to help you select the perfect starter suit: go straight to the tailor.

 The importance of your suit’s fit

 Even though your instincts might be telling you to head on over to the nearest fast fashion brand shop to get an okay-fitting suit off the rack, it should go without saying that investing in your appearance means actually investing (with, you know, with real money) and getting the best suit involves having to consult with an expert tailor.

In order to add a much-needed “oomph” factor in your suit, you’ll have to get the right fit. This will ensure that your outfit makes you look as sharp as you can be. A good suit is versatile and able to suit any situation.

Although an off-the-rack suit might seem like the best option because of the money that you’ll save, a tailor-made slim-fit suit is a worthy investment that will pay off in the form of more closed deals and even more respect.

 Great-fitting suits on a budget

Although looking for a tailor is always best, the truth is that this option isn’t in everybody’s budget. If you aren’t in the market for a tailor, then investing time into finding the right pieces that fit perfectly is definitely a route that you should take.

Careful, intentional suit shopping merits a reward in the form of a suit ensemble that fits perfectly. In order to secure the best-fitting suit on a budget, there are a few fitting guidelines that you’ll have to take note of:

1. How should the shoulder of my suit jacket fit?

 A dead giveaway of a suit that won’t look great on you is a bit of slack or a noticeable tightness in the shoulder area when you wear your suit jacket. In order to get a coat that fits right and looks great, you’ll have to make sure that your suit jacket will have a balanced, yet relaxed feel on your shoulders.

2. Is the torso too tight for me?

Let’s be real here: nothing looks worse than seeing a suit that looks like it’s masquerading as a corset. When fitting your suit jacket, close the top button and see if there’s too much tightness. The key to finding a suit jacket that fits right and looks great is comfort. The torso portion should be loose enough to allow you to move around freely, but not too loose to the point that it feels like you’re wearing a straitjacket.

 3. Is the length on my arms just right?

One of the greatest mistakes that people make when suit shopping is buying a jacket with sleeves so long that they end up looking like Michael Darling. The best sleeve length for a suit is one that stops at an inch before your wrist, as your dress shirt needs to have an ample amount of airtime to orchestrate your entire outfit perfectly.

4. Can I jump on a horse with my suit pants?

A method to ensure that your suit pants fit properly is to check if you can put them on and still do regular human things such as walking comfortably, riding a bike, taking out villains with a roundhouse, and straddling a horse. Just like the second fit tip, comfort is yet again an important factor when choosing a pair of trousers. That being said, make sure they still look great when you put them on by checking if they’re not too tight or loose on the thighs. Keep an eye out for ankle length as well — the hemline of good pants should fall right beyond your ankles.

If you’re looking for a tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We have extensive experience in creating unique, modern suits that last.


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