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A usful and insightful blog about tailoring

In our experience it's important that we share our knowledge so that you can decide yourself how to enjoy and get the most out of your tailored garments. From options, durability and how to wear, our blog covers it all.

5 outdated fashions your shouldn't apply today

5 Outdated Fashion Rules You Shouldn’t Apply Today

Every man wants to look good. In an effort to look well-dressed and put-together, most men invest in suits.

Our Guide to Choosing the Right Shoes for Colored Suits

Wearing suits is a timeless ensemble for men, but your choice of footwear can instantly change the aesthetic of your entire look.

Our Guide to Different Suit Colors for Men

Suits have always been in full swing in men’s wardrobe as it is a timeless piece that never fails to bring sophistication in whoever dons it.
How to Style Your Blue Suit Well-featured-image

How to Style Your Blue Suit Well

Blue suits are ideal for weddings and other formal occasions, which is why you may not see yourself wearing them as an everyday suit.
3 Ways to Tell That Your Suit Doesn't Fit

3 Ways to Tell That Your Suit Doesn’t Fit

If you're interviewing for new positions often or attending formal occasions, a suit is nothing short of vital attire for your career.

How to Button Your Suit the Right Way – Tailoring 101

Believe it or not, there are rules that men have to follow when buttoning their suit. It might sound counter-intuitive, though, but why does something as simple as buttoning one’s suit have to be so complicated that it needs rules?
A Guide to Finding The Perfect Custom Tailor in Bangkok

A Guide to Finding The Perfect Custom Tailor in Bangkok

After spending some time saving up and gaining a renewed sense of determination to up your style game, you’re finally ready to tap the services of a custom tailor who can help you revamp your entire look.

Why a Tailored Suit Makes a Huge Difference For Your Appearance

TV shows, social media, and lifestyle publications are always emphasizing the importance of looking good, feeling better, and being your at your best. Being “the best you” means something different to everyone, as there are so many ways to improve yourself and become who you want to be.

What You Need to Tell Your Tailor When Getting a Bespoke Shirt – Our Guide

Fashion comes and goes in a matter of months, and new trends rise and fall seemingly on a daily basis. Yet, in this ever-shifting tide is a style that never fades-the dress shirts.
Tailored suit

7 Rules to remember when buying a tailored suit

A well-made off-the-rack suit is a good piece of clothing, we don’t deny this fact, but when it comes to the very best suit, it has to be tailor-made.

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