Custom & Bespoke Tailoring in Bangkok

In our experience it's important that we share our knowledge so that you can decide yourself how to enjoy and get the most out of your tailored garments. From options, durability and how to wear, our blog covers it all.


Are Custom Tailored Trunk Show Clothes Worth It? – What to Know

Time is a luxury, and all people value it with high regard. If you want clothing that perfectly fits the contours of your body, custom-tailored clothes are the best way to go. But, getting an appointment at your local tailor requires you to travel and set aside a portion of your time for fitting and…

Understanding What Bespoke Tailoring Truly Means – What to Know

Today, the word “bespoke” gets thrown around everywhere. You might have encountered the word when looking at a restaurant menu, or even when looking at interior design. Wherever you first saw the word, it is most likely used out of context and, in some cases, completely misused. That said, you might be looking for a…

What Your Suit Says About You

When it comes to selecting what suit you want to don on your body, you’ll need to be careful. The suits say something about you, and whether that’s something positive or negative will depend on what outfit you opt for. If you’re trying to make the best first impression, then you’ll want to make sure…

How Bespoke Suits Can Help You Rise Up the Ranks in Your Industry

Throughout the fashion history, no piece of clothing has played a more significant and pivotal role in defining the pinnacle of men’s style than the suave tailored suit. As opposed to their off-the-rack counterparts, tailored suits bring a different level of style and provide more opportunities to fashion-forward people to further enhance their brand image.…
Select These 3 Fabrics for Your Summer Suit - Our Guide

Select These 3 Fabrics for Your Summer Suit – Our Guide

Choosing to wear stylish suits in 30-degree centigrade weather is a decision that causes you to sweat profusely. However, you might have limited wardrobe options available to look fashionable in the hot summer weather. Not to mention, the humid weather in Bangkok makes the wearing conditions direr.   Luckily, suit makers in Bangkok know how…

Why You Should Get Yourself a Linen Suit – What to Know

When it comes to looking sharp and handsome, most men will choose to wear a suit, especially for formal occasions. Unfortunately, when the season is summer, and the event is held outside, wearing a suit without turning into a waterfall can become a real struggle. With so much weight and heat on the body, one…