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4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Suit Pants Wrinkle-Free – Our Guide


Everyone knows that a wrinkled pair of suit pants is a big no in terms of aesthetics.

When all your efforts are put into achieving that clean, sharp look for your next job interview, your chances at an excellent first impression is thrown out the window. Sometimes, even if you start the day with a pair of wrinkle-free pants, it can develop them later on.


What can you do to ensure that your pants stay wrinkle-free so that you’re free from the embarrassment and assume the best look possible? Here are four tips you can follow:


  1. Wear Right-Sized Pants


Most people do not realize that wearing pants that are too big is exceptionally prone to wrinkling. This is because the extra length of the pants (even if it was one size bigger) rests on your footwear, causing it to fold one way or another. This is why even if you start the day with a pair of freshly ironed wrinkle-free pants, they can develop wrinkles later on.


The solution to this is to purchase a pair of pants that fit you perfectly. If you do not know what size you should be wearing, head to the tailor to get your measurements done. This will help prevent you from wasting time figuring out what pants fit you best. If you have some pants in your wardrobe that are already too big, you can still take them to the tailor to have them adjusted.


  1. Wash Your Pants Properly


The way you wash your pants will heavily determine whether or not the pants will become wrinkled later on. While no pants are ever free from the possibility of becoming wrinkled, by following the care label to wash the pants, you extend the pants’ life and durability, especially against wrinkling. In other words, make sure that whenever you wash your pants (or any other piece of fabric), you check the care label.


  1. Dry Your Pants Appropriately


While most may take special care when washing pants, some assume that drying is a simple process of hanging them on a line or placing them in the dryer. The care label should also contain information about how the pair of pants should be dried. Failure to follow such instruction can lead to pants that wrinkle on a whole new level, causing plenty of headaches and tears to whoever has the task to iron the pants.


  1. Have Your Pants Dry-Cleaned


If your pants have already developed plenty of wrinkling, dry cleaning is the most effective solution to get rid of them. However, if there aren’t any available services near you or you want a solution you can do at home, here’s what you can do.


You can hang the pants in the bathroom with the shower turned on at the highest heat setting. This way, hot steam can be created inside the room, smoothening out the wrinkles on your pants. You can also use an iron with the steam setting to achieve the same results but much faster. Spraying the fabric with a de-wrinkling solution can also help reduce the number of wrinkles on the pants.


By following the tips we’ve given, you ensure that your pants are wrinkle-free and stay that for as long as possible. With a pair of perfectly wrinkle-free pants, you can head on outside with pride and courage, knowing that you look sleek and sharp, ready for any occasion.


If you’re looking for a high-quality suit tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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