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Our Guide to How to Wear a Suit Casually – What to Know


There are many reasons that some people do not have a suit.

Some complain that it is too expensive to have one tailored, while others aren’t interested in buying one. However, one of the most common reasons that some do not own a suit is because they believe they can’t wear it casually. On the contrary, there are just so many kinds of suits that are made for both formal and casual wear.

If you’re itching to get your hands on a suit that you can wear casually, here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Skip the Suit Jacket


When you talk about suits, most will refer to a suit jacket, as that’s the one worn most commonly during formal events. However, that is the one type of outfit you want to avoid. Of course, to keep the suit look, you’ll still need to wear some form of the jacket over your shirt.

You have two options that you can wear instead, and that’s either the blazer or a sports coat. Of the two, the sports coat is the least formal, usually worn for sports activities. Although they are meant for sports, many wear it on a day-to-day basis for aesthetics and utility purposes. They come with many designs, promising its wearer that they look fashionable while remaining casual. If you want something that’s usually the most comfortable and least formal, you will opt for the sports coat.

If you’re looking for a go-between, however, a blazer is what you’ll want. It isn’t as formal as a suit, yet still looks sharper than a sports coat. In other words, it has the best of both worlds, looks professional yet stays casual.


  1. Don’t Wear the Necktie


Although a necktie (or a bowtie to some) is a staple to complete a suit, it is something that you should skip out if you want to go casual. Although the necktie is only made to enhance the aesthetics of the whole look, it is unnecessary in an informal setting. It makes you unnecessarily sharp and formal when you’re trying to achieve the chill-vibe.

Moreover, you shouldn’t button the collar of your inner shirt as well. Leaving the top button open enhances that casual look and keeps you very comfortable, especially in warmer weather.


  1. Select the Right Color


Black is often seen as the color of luxury and formality and is the color you want to avoid when you want to look casual. Of course, you can still wear black accessories, like a watch or leather shoes, but you should always avoid a black suit in casual settings. Consider lighter colors like gray or navy blue. They look classic and stylish, yet calm and casual. At the same time, one of the best colors of the dress shirt you can wear is white, as it will pair perfectly with most colors of suits out there.

By following the three tips we’ve given you, you can wear your suit confidently, knowing that you aren’t intimidating anyone in a casual setting. Be proud of yourself, your fashion sense, and your brand new casual look.

If you’re looking for an affordable tailor in Bangkok to make you a suit, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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