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5 Outdated Fashion rules you shouldn’t apply today


Every man wants to look good. In an effort to look well-dressed and put-together, most men invest in suits.

Suits are a menswear-classic, a timeless wardrobe staple. In the past, there were many rules if you wanted a suit for yourself. Fortunately, some of these fashion rules are old, meaning they no longer need to be applied.

Today, you are given the freedom to wear a suit unique to you and your personality. Here are five outdated fashion rules that you should avoid when tailoring your next premium suit:

Rule 1: No Hats Indoors

 Generally, it is good practice to take off one’s hat when entering a building, but there are exceptions. In public areas, such as airports, elevators, malls, and train stations, wearing a hat is acceptable. However, if you enter places, such as a shop, restaurant, and office, remove it to show respect. Some areas even have signs that forbid wearing hats. If you’re ever in doubt, remove your hat.

Rule 2: Don’t Mix Blue, Brown, and Black

 Many years ago, fashion was much more strict. It was taboo to mix blue, brown, or black in any way. Today, you’re given more freedom to style your suit the way you want. Now, you can even mix these three colors and even more! Trying to achieve that sleek yet relaxed look by pairing your navy-blue pants with a grey jacket, along with a buttoned shirt.

Rule 3: Stick to Traditional Colors Only

 You don’t have to deal with a wardrobe filled with dull dark colors. You can spice things up with custom-tailored suits that fit you perfectly, and it doesn’t matter what color you choose. Don’t be afraid to go bright if dark isn’t your thing. You can even add patterns if you desire to do so. Generally, you don’t want to limit yourself to the choice of color.

At the same time, consider where you’re going to wear the suit. You wouldn’t want to be wearing a bright green suit for a business meeting.

Rule 4: No White After Labor Day

 Most people continue to whole-heartedly believe in this rule, but it would’ve have made any sense two centuries ago and it shouldn’t be applied now. Today, some of the most elegant suits are made of white and can be worn all year round. If you own a white jacket, put it on for any special occasion!

Rule 5: No Pleated Pants

 Pleated pants are hard to get right, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If you’re trying to achieve a retro look, go for it. This style of high-end men’s trousers will not only do the job, but it will also smash it.

Although pleated trousers aren’t seen by some as flattering, as long as you have it custom-made and styled in single-pleat, you’ll achieve that sharp and professional look.

Give yourself the freedom to choose your suit. Wear what you want to wear and have a little fun. Although some fashion rules can’t be broken, do not let outdated ones limit your creativity. That said, wear something that fits your personality and body perfectly.

If you’re looking for a custom tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We have years of experience in creating high-quality, luxury suits that last for the long-term.


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