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How To Beat the Summer Heat While Wearing a Suit


If you want to put your best foot forward, you must bring a suit to any business trip

Dressing with power will command respect and undivided attention from the people that you meet. Your attire is also a reflection of how your company gives importance to these meetings. However, wearing a suit under the sweltering tropical climate can be a struggle.


A black polyester suit and the summer heat is not a perfect match. Just wait until you feel your sweat dripping around your heavy attire. Instead, why not go for a light wool suit with vents that can help circulate the air throughout your body. Aside from being more comfortable, you won’t be left gasping for air in a hot climate.


Prepare beforehand by searching for Thailand’s weather at the time you will visit so that you can bring proper attire. But given that wearing a suit is inevitable, here are a few tips that can help you deal with this climate better:


Keep hydrated


It’s a no-brainer that water helps regulate your body temperature. Three liters per day or roughly 13 cups is the recommended daily intake. But it’s hard to keep count when you have a day full of meetings. Instead, bring a one-liter water bottle, fill it up, and consume it thrice.


Wear suits with open weave fabric


Suits made from wool, silk, and linen improve air circulation to keep you comfortable. Wool is a highly absorbent fabric that quickly dries up wetness and irons out wrinkles better. It is a relatively light cloth that is appropriate for the humid weather. Open weave Tropical Wool is soft enough to help you deal with the hot temperature. Fresco twisted wool with a plain weave is also a great option.


Meanwhile, it’s best to use silk ties to fight off the hot feeling from around your neck. This fabric is not a good option for suits because it does not handle sweat well. Finally, linen is a breathable fabric that was first used by ancient Egyptians. Tailored suits from cotton-made seersuckers can also make you feel at ease under harsh sunlight.


Go for an unlined or half-lined suit jacket


Most suit jackets have a silky interior to make it easy to wear and take off. But while it looks glamorous on the outside, it’s not advisable to wear one in a tropical climate. If you are looking through your suit collection or getting a suit made in Bangkok, opt for unlined or half-lined suits to let your body breathe. Stay away from fabrics like viscose and polyester because their synthetic fiber linings block airflow.


The lighter, the better


The suit’s color determines the amount of heat it absorbs. Darker colors tend to suck up more heat than the light ones. Therefore, ditch the black suit and go for light grays, tans, or soft blue options.


No suit, no problem


If you don’t have a suit that is perfect for tropical weather, why not consider getting a suit made in Bangkok? These experienced tailors can take your measurements to create a bespoke masterpiece. You can also contact them beforehand and send your measurements so that the suit will be ready in time for your business trip. Dressing smartly can spell the difference between closing a deal or not. Don’t take your attire for granted and contact a reliable Bangkok suit tailor now.


If you’re looking for a custom tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! We have years of experience in creating high-quality, luxury suits that last for the long-term.


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