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How to Style Your Blue Suit Well


Blue suits are ideal for weddings and other formal occasions, which is why you may not see yourself wearing them as an everyday suit.

If you already own a blue suit that you never touch again after that one family wedding, then now is the time to bring it out!

The truth is that blue suits are more versatile than you may think. There are various ways to style a blue suit so that you can wear it to any occasion. This article will tell you how to pair your blue suit with other staple items that you already have in your closet.


How to Pair Shirts With a Blue Suit

Your blue suit is out of your closet and is ready to be worn again. What you need to do now is to figure out what kind of shirt you want to wear underneath it. Apart from the color, you also have to think about the distinct features or elements that you want your shirt to have. Here are some of the best options to consider pairing with your blue suit:


// White Shirt

A white shirt is best suited for darker blue suits. This is a classic combination that can never do you wrong. A dark blue suit with a white shirt is a great outfit to wear on a sunny day to work. Your outfit will look even more put-together if you pair your blue suit with the same color of trousers. For an immaculate look, you can pair your button-up shirt and blue suit with a pair of clean, white sneakers. If you want to go for a smart casual look, wear a t-shirt or a polo neck sweater instead of a button-up shirt.

// Other Options

You can consider pairing a light pink shirt with a blue suit as well. This combination will make you appear more playful and quirky, which is ideal for a casual setting. Just make sure that your inner layer is subtle enough that it won’t overpower your blue suit. For the final touch, choose a tie to go with your white shirt and blue suit. Whether you are opting for a long tie or a bow tie, red, burgundy, blue, and black ties are some great options that will go well with your outfit.


How to Pick a Tie to Go With a Blue Suit

Ties are vital to a man’s outfit as they can complete or even transform the whole look. Check out the following tie options to pair with your blue suit:


// Pink Tie

When being styled right, a pink tie can elevate your overall look. Wear a blue suit over your favorite white shirt and add a pink tie to complete your outfit. The pop of color will add a fun element and also brighten this otherwise drab combination.

// Red Tie

A blue suit, a red tie, a nice pair of trousers can do wonders to your overall appearance. If you want to go the extra mile, wear a waistcoat for a more sophisticated look.

// Black Tie

Black on black is a beautiful combination that is perfect for formals. Wear your best black trousers with a black tie, put on your blue suit, and you are good to go! The black on black will enhance the color of your suit and make it the star of your outfit.

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