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Our Guide to Different Suit Colors for Men


Suits have always been in full swing in men’s wardrobe as it is a timeless piece that never fails to bring sophistication in whoever dons it.

From trend resurgences to new creative heads, it’s clear-cut that menswear is definitely taking on a fresh, fashionable direction but still attached with odes to classic references.


Suits are made up of the classic blazers, lightweight coats, and trousers that are used to emphasize the silhouette. However, before the cut, the number of buttons, and the proportions, color is the element that can make or break a good first impression. Color makes a significant influence as it is synonymous with style, which means that choosing the right color for your suit is a decision you can’t make on the whim.


To that end, we’re here to break down what different hues mean for your suit and help you pick a pigment that looks seamless for any occasion.


The Classic: Charcoal Gray Men’s Suit


Charcoal gray is an excellent choice for the young man as it tends to add a sense of maturity to the wearer. Its extreme versatility and understated elegance make it a staple for any occasion as it allows you to look sharp without standing out from the crowd. Due to it being a neutral color, it can pair well with other accessories, leaving you room to experiment with an extensive option for shirts and ties.


The Timeless Piece: Black Men’s Suit


A well-tailored black suit is a must-have for men who want to project a sense of authority. It is a staple color that is immune to trends and will never go out of style, not to mention, it is also an excellent base to contrast with bolder, on-trend colors. It is ideal for wearing for formal occasions such as a black-tie event, funerals, church, and even weddings. Keep in mind that it is not as versatile as charcoal gray; however, as it only flatters men with darker complexion and hair.


Young and Elegant: Navy Blue Men’s Suit


A navy blue suit is ideal for those who want to showcase a youthful and fresh look. The sheer commonality of its hue makes it a perfect choice for men of any color. It strikes a balance between simple and daring, suiting young men that want to exude confidence and dependability. Due to the color’s calming properties, the suit is perfect to wear for business interviews.


Down-to-Earth Style: Brown Men’s Suit


Another popular base color for men’s suits is brown, which can range from tan to deep chocolate shades. It’s an essential color for any wardrobe as the earth-tones suit many men, making it a popular choice for casual options.


Keep in mind that brown was not considered a color for business back in the early 1980s, though modern fashion tends to break the age-old sartorial rule. For that reason, there’s no need to hold back on brown hues as any man can wear it with confidence for any semi-formal to formal events.


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