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Our Guide to Wearing Business Suits Properly – 4 Mistakes to Avoid


The whole experience of getting an impeccable business suit can be best compared with the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach.

When the shoulder pads match up just right with your own, the length of your pants is precise, and the sleeves don’t make you look like a child asking for a job, you’re most likely going to feel as if you’ve found the perfect suit.

Once you’ve swiped your card and made your way out of the store, you’re most probably going to feel like you’re on top of the world with a snappy-looking suit in your hand. As soon as you get the chance to put your style investment on and head over to another formal event, you begin to notice that there’s something wrong—nobody’s noticing your suit.

Now, you might be panicking as to why you aren’t closing deals or getting questions about where you got your suit from. Now, it might not be the suit that’s the problem, but it’s actually how you’re wearing it.


No matter how finely made your business suit may be, pairing the wrong items with it can make it look bland, boring, or cringe-worthy. To avoid any blunders when putting your fashion investment, let’s look at a few common business suit mistakes that you might be making:

  1. You’re overlooking the accessories

Having the right accessories, unbeknownst to most people, is a key part of making your ensemble work. The right accessories will amplify the appeal of your coat and pants. The best accessories to wear with a business suit without having to go overboard are cufflinks, a pocket square, and metal-banded or leather strap wristwatch—no more, no less.

  1. Your shoes are wrong

The cardinal sin of putting a suit on and styling it is wearing the wrong pair of shoes. The second-greatest being the fashion crime of wearing a different-colored belt from that of your shoes. Stick with the following standards:

  • Leather shoes only
  • Your shoe color should match or pair with that of your suit
  • Avoid sneakers at all costs
  • Formal is the way to go when it comes to picking shoes
  1. There’s no belt

In the same way that it is concerned with keeping your pants in place, a belt is essential in pulling your entire outfit together. While your trousers may fit perfectly, not having a belt on makes for a visual effect that’s similar to having an overly tight or loose pair of pants on. Aside from adding style and color into your outfit, a belt helps with establishing how serious you are as a businessperson as well.


Final words

Making minor tweaks to your business suit ensemble is a great way to guarantee that your outfit won’t be an uninteresting mess that holds the same merit as not wearing the suit at all. If you’re lost as to why your suit isn’t making the same impact you’d expect it to make, you might be making one of the mistakes mentioned on this list, so check if there’s any room for an adjustment!

If you’re looking for a suit tailor in Bangkok to make you a high-quality business suit, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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