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Select These 3 Fabrics for Your Summer Suit – Our Guide

Select These 3 Fabrics for Your Summer Suit - Our Guide

Choosing to wear stylish suits in 30-degree centigrade weather is a decision that causes you to sweat profusely.

However, you might have limited wardrobe options available to look fashionable in the hot summer weather. Not to mention, the humid weather in Bangkok makes the wearing conditions direr.


Luckily, suit makers in Bangkok know how to create a fashionable suit that’s still comfortable even when you’re under the flashing rays of the sun. The trick is a custom suit made in Bangkok with a summer-friendly fabric.


Here are three fabrics you can choose for a comfortable and breathable summer suit.


1) Linen


Linen is a breathable fabric that lets body heat escape through its material and allows crisp air to travel between your body and material to lower your temperature continually. Aside from its air ventilation properties, it has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities that enable sweat to evaporate rapidly for a more pleasant feeling without the stickiness of sweat.


Linen-made summer suits are also crease-resistant, which makes maintenance more straightforward than other fabric options. You can even unbutton two or three buttons from your button-up shirt to improve air circulation, giving you a more comfortable feeling.


2) Cotton


Most bed sheets and covers are made with cotton for a reason—these are breathable, lightweight, and have temperature-cooling properties. However, you need to pick certain varieties of cotton fabric like Panama, poplin, or seersucker. These open weave fabric types are the best options for summer wear.


Panama fabrics have criss-cross pattern threads that enable excellent air ventilation. Poplin fabrics, meanwhile, are chemically-treated for looser thread structures, which account for their breathable nature. Lastly, seersucker fabrics have crinkled woven threads that are essential for allowing fresh, crisp air to flow through the material. Ask your Bangkok-based suit tailor for recommendations on which cotton-based fabric to choose for your summer suit.


3) Wool


Wool is not your usual choice during the summer as most people have this misconception that it’s best worn in cold and winter seasons only. However, that’s only true for certain woolen fabrics with thicker woven fibers. In reality, there are certain unique wool fabrics meant for summer wear with the capability to allow body heat out instead of insulating the heat inside.


The trick to weaving wools for the summer is making an open weave, similar to that of linen and cotton, which makes the fabric more breathable. Woolen materials also allow for a more extensive diversity of fashion styles that are perfect for casual or formal events. For example, there is a particular wool fabric variant called the hopsack, which is crease-resistant and can be used for both traveling and extended period activities.




When selecting a fabric for your summer suit, remember to check the material with an open weave if it lets light through its surface. If it does, it’s an indication that it’s an acceptable choice for a comfortable summer suit.


The three mentioned fabrics have natural fibers that help regulate body temperature to comfortable levels. Aside from being lightweight fabrics, their open weave characteristics have a massive impact on their cooling properties.


Are you looking for the best place in Bangkok to get a tailored suit meant for the hot summer? Check us out to learn more about we can create the perfect summer suit for you.


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