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Why You Should Get Yourself a Linen Suit – What to Know


When it comes to looking sharp and handsome, most men will choose to wear a suit, especially for formal occasions.

Unfortunately, when the season is summer, and the event is held outside, wearing a suit without turning into a waterfall can become a real struggle. With so much weight and heat on the body, one can easily find themselves stripping down to nothing more than a t-shirt, all untucked, to cool down.

Fortunately, looking cool and calm while still being sharp in a suit is still possible. How so? Here’s where linen suits come in.

What is linen?

Linen is an extremely light-weight fabric that’s breathable and can wick away your sweat. In other words, linen is the perfect material to wear during the summer.

Another fabric that is exceptionally comfortable to wear during the summer would be cotton. That said, compared to cotton, linen is much more durable and more breathable. However, it’s also slightly heavier and extremely prone to wrinkling. That means that if you own a suit made from linen, expect to have it ironed often to make sure the creases and wrinkles aren’t permanent and that the outfit looks sharp and neat.

When it comes to getting a linen suit, it is best that you have it custom-tailored to fit your body. Not only will it ensure that the suit will fit you perfectly but that it’ll be extremely comfortable.

When should you wear linen suits?

You should wear your linen suits when it is warm. Here are two places you can consider wearing linen suits:

  1. Weddings

Whether it is your wedding, or you’re attending someone else’s wedding, linen suits are perfect for helping you maintain that formal look if that wedding is held in a warm place like a beach. You can also opt for color palettes that will fit the wedding.

For example, if you’re at a luxury villa wedding, and they opt for sharp and sleek looks, there are linen outfits that come in that color scheme. Also, if that wedding is held somewhere more colorful, such as a beach, a more casual-style linen suit in a pastel color scheme can fit well. Again, when you wear your linen suit, pay attention to the theme. That way, you can enjoy a suit that not only keeps you cool but makes you look great too.

  1. Office

How do linen suits differ from ordinary suits in the office environment? Well, a heavy and warm suit can impair your performance. In other words, your productivity drops when you’re too busy sweating and being uncomfortable.

With a light suit that not only feels good but looks good as well, you can feel cleaner and work with more focus. That comes into play, especially when your office building warms up significantly during warmer months, ensuring that you look impeccable yet can perform at your best.

As for the color of your suit, it would typically be in a darker tone. After all, you’re in a professional environment and not a casual one, unless stated by the company that you can go casual.


Linen suits are great for any occasion, whether it is a formal one like a wedding, or you want to wear one casually. That said, they’re best worn on warmer months for their breathability and comfort compared to other suits you can find that are made in different materials. So, if you’re interested in getting yourself a linen suit, we highly recommend that you have one custom-tailored! That way, you can enjoy the best fit possible, making you look and feel at your best.

Are you looking for a tailor in Bangkok to make a bespoke suit for you? Get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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